The Estate is where SpyClass students become world-class spies. It is an elite, privately funded school accommodating up to fifty students studying a range of disciplines. It is a place where students can learn to apply their problem-solving skills in real-world and help them fulfil their true potential.

Meet our heroes and three of the Estate’s best students, the SpyClass Spies: Dan, Jesse and Toby


The resident computer expert and linguist, Dan is intelligent, inquisitive, and slightly anxious. His good looks belie his lack of confidence … particularly around the opposite sex. Jesse, in particular, runs rings around him.

Maths game for Year 7. SpyClass: Operation OTMA

Name: Dan.
Specialisation: Infiltration / Hacking.
Ethnicity: Eurasian.
Age: 15.5.
Height: 182.
Build: Medium.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Blue/green.
Fighting Style: Aikido/Judo.


Impulsive, somewhat immature, lives on the edge. She is street-wise rather than book-smart, and could survive in just about any setting.

Maths game for Year 7. SpyClass: Operation OTMA

Name: Jesse
Specialisation: Hand-to-hand combat / Sabotage.
Ethnicity: Anglo-European.
Age: 15.5.
Height: 178cm.
Build: Athletic.
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Blue.
Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts / Taekwondo.


An expert with any machine, Toby is thoughtful and can demonstrate an enviable ability to think on his feet. Physically strong and loyal to a fault, he is liable to get himself into trouble going in after his friends.

Maths game for Year 7. SpyClass: Operation OTMA

Name: Toby.
Specialisation: Weapons / Vehicles.
Ethnicity: African.
Age: 16
Height: 185cm.
Build: Lean/muscular.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Fighting Style: Boxing.

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