About the game developer

Fractal Multimedia has been trading for less than a year, but has quickly established itself as a brand to be watched in the realm of innovative educational game design. With a passion for storytelling, combined with extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development, Fractal Multimedia’s co-directors, Ron Barassi and Luke C Jackson, believe that interactive stories can enrich the classroom experience and truly engage students. Managing Director Ron Barassi said, “Computer games allow young people to apply their skills and knowledge in relatively real-world settings.” The ‘SpyClass’ games allow the player to relate to characters and invest emotionally in the fictitious journey they are undertaking.

“When designing education solutions for publishers and other education providers, Fractal Multimedia aims to develop products that allow students to work at their own level, to learn by doing, and to collaborate with other students wherever possible,” said Mr Jackson. The company is currently developing a slate of products which, the co-directors hope, will challenge student expectations, as they combine education, technology, and story in new and exciting ways.

Further details about the ‘SpyClass’ games will be released later this year. For more information about Fractal Multimedia, visit: www.fractalmultimedia.com