Maths game for Year 8. SpyClass: The Icarus Principle

Case file

Set around Asia, the SpyClass 8 case puts the spies in a mission to protect a number of industrialists who have received threats from a mysterious orgnaisation known as The Council of Twelve.

If they can succeed in stopping ‘The Council of Twelve’, they will assist China in joining the world’s leading economies at the G-summit; if they fail, the world’s very leadership will hang in the balance.

Game information

  • Training module
  • 14 missions
  • Designated for students in year 8 (13-14 year olds)
  • Covers the following topics in detail: 
    Index Laws;
    Real Numbers;
    Ratios and Rates;
    Applications of Percentages;
    Congruence and
    Problem Solving I;
    Linear Equations;
    Representing and Interpreting Data;
    Coordinates and Linear Graphs;
    Problem Solving II.